Sanatorium Volzhskiye Dali

Pristannoye village, Saratov, Saratov region, 410505

About sanatorium

The Volzhskiye Dali Health Resort is located 15 km away from Saratov, on the bank of the Volga River.

The resort is surrounded by dense forest, the hills protect it from strong wind and located along the course of an affluent river which makes the air fresh and moist. The river here exceeds 7 km in width and has its own pleasant natural microclimate with stable humidity and temperature.

The oak forest surrounding the resort gives the air its unique characteristics.

The oak trees enrich the air with negative ions. Negative ions have invigorating influence, restore the physical and mental well-being, and trigger the body's recovery and regeneration processes. The 23-ha resort has and ample space for long relaxing walks.

Volzhskiye Dali has a variety of nature and jogging trails; the resort is decorated with fountain features, wall paintings by original Saratov artists hang in the lobby and in the rooms.

The resort’s impressive medical center is fitted with modern equipment and offers diagnosis and a variety of treatments ranging from spa to physical therapy. The Volzhskiye Dali is famous for its bathing complex and water park.

At the disposal of our corporate clients is a large events venue and a small conference room. Both are equipped with computer work stations and multimedia equipment and suitable for high-level negotiations and high-profile events.