How to get

До корпуса «1,2»

До корпуса «3»

From airport «Airport»

Volzhskiye Dali Resort address: Pristannoye village, Saratov oblast, Russian Federation.


Travel Distance:

From Saratov airport – 17 km


1) book a transfer

2) take a cab

3) travel on your own:

- from the airport

Public transport: bus route no. 90 to Ivolgino bus stop. Then bus route no. 236 or route no. 245 to Volzhskiye Dali stop.

From train station «From the railway station»

- from the railway station

Minibus service route no. 72 to SSEI stop, then bus route no. 222, 236, 240, 243, 253, 391 or minibus route no. 243т, 66, 95 to the Lenta Hypermarket stop, then bus no. 236 or no. 245 to the Volzhskiye Dali stop.

From airport

From train station

To the building «1,2»

To the building «3»