The call of the heart and loyalty to your business

Preserving Human Health is the supreme meaning and purpose of the noble and selfless work of nurses. To realize the daily tasks that medical personnel face, there is little one skill, knowledge and efficiency, you need, first of all, the call of the heart and loyalty to your business. Medical nurse for physiotherapy sanatorium «Volzhskie Dali» Natalya Germanovna Lyzina speaks with warmth about every patient with whom she had to work and recalls with awe every story from life that was told to her during the next procedure.

N.G. Lyzina began her professional career as a nurse of the LOR department of the Ulyanovsk Regional Hospital, then for ten years she worked as a district nurse of the city hospital No. 2 of the city of Saratov. Extensive experience in nursing allows Natalya Germanovna to be not just an assistant doctor, but really his right hand. For 35 years, N.G. Lyzina has been working at the JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE» «Volzhskie Dali» nurse in physical therapy, which means that Natalya Germanovna accompanies each patient during physiotherapeutic procedures, monitoring their condition and observing clear regulations for performing procedures prescribed by the doctor.

The priority task, which Natalya Germanovna implements daily, is to protect the health of railway workers. The health of railway workers is an important aspect of social security, because people, being passengers of the railway, entrust their life and health to its employees. Currently, the sanatorium of the Company carries out all necessary measures for the prevention and correction of risk factors for occupational diseases in railway workers.

High professional achievements, dedication and conscientious work of Natalia Germanovna are repeatedly marked by Diplomas and Thanks of the General Director of JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE», as well as special encouragement of the leadership in 2020 to the Day of the Railway Worker.

< style="font-size:18px; color:#024055;">We sincerely thank you for conscientious work, Natalya Germanovna!