Saratov is an ancient city with an interesting history. Founded as a guard fortress on the banks of the great Volga river, it experienced many of the largest sieges, reflected countless raids, was a significant city that was visited by Peter I, Catherine I, diplomat Peter Tolstoy, Alexander II. The names of Stepan Razin, Emelian Pugachev, Alexander Kerensky, Peter Stolypin are associated with the history of Saratov.

On the territory of Saratov during the excavation was discovered the second most important city of the Golden Horde Ukek (5th century).

According to the results of archaeological research, it can be safely told that Ukek was a kind of Volga Troy ... It was the center of crossing of trade routes. The city traded with Venice, Byzantium, Italy, China, the Horde and with Russian cities, was the summer residence of Khan Batyr.

In excursion trips you can visit the best and oldest museums in Saratov.

This is the first in the province of the Radishchev Art Museum, in the funds of which more than 300 works of painting and sculpture. Our fellow countryman, the famous artist A.P. Bogolyubov collected a magnificent collection of paintings by our own, and European and Russian artists, and created in Saratov this remarkable museum, appropriating the name of his grandfather, the famous writer A.N. Radishchev.

You can also visit the museum of local lore, which contains a rich ethnographic and archaeological collection, a collection of cold weapons, old books, exhibits related to the history of the Saratov theaters. In Saratov there are home museums of N.G. Chernyshevsky, V. Borisov-Musatov, P. Kuznetsov

On the Sokolov (Falkons) Hill is the Saratov State Museum of Combat and Labor Glory, which presents military equipment from the times of the WW II. This is a holy place for every citizen of Saratov. This is the stele "Cranes", and 130 pieces of equipment, an armored train with anti-aircraft guns, Katyusha, tanks, aircraft and helicopters. Here you will get acquainted with the museum "National Village", which shows the dwellings of the people inhabiting the Saratov region and where you can taste the national cuisine.

One of the most famous people of our city is Yury Gagarin. Here he studied, was trained in the squad of cosmonauts and here, on the Saratov land made a landing from the first space flight! On the landing site is a memorial, on the day of cosmonautics there are festive events!

Inherently associated with Saratov is the name of Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov, a biologist, author of outstanding scientific works, academician, famous traveler and researcher. Certainly, the number of symbolic personalities of Saratov belongs to the performer of Russian folk songs, Honored Artist of Russia Lidiya Ruslanova. A calling card of the Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater on tours in Russia and abroad is the People's Artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of Russia Leonid Smetannikov. Among the symbolic personalities of Saratov are popular actors in the country, people's artists of the USSR: B.A. Babochkin, B.F. Andreev, О.P. Tabakov and O.I. Jankowski.

Saratov is a theater city, there live and create talented actors.

The Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the oldest in the Volga region and in Russia.

For 20 years the Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater has been organizing the Sobinov Music Festival, which represents a variety of musical genres and styles. Tradition every spring to hold in Saratov, the festival of opera art originated in 1986. The festival was named in honor of the great Russian tenor Leonid Sobinov, who in 1910-1929, at the height of his fame, came on tour to Saratov.

L.V. Sobinov Saratov State Conservatory. 

It is not only one of the oldest, but also the most beautiful conservatories in the country. This is a town-planning and artistic center of our city, from which windows music always sounds, and on concert stages famous collectives and outstanding masters, including masters of organ music perform. In its halls appeared Chaliapin, Rachmaninov and Sobinov. The famous Vanda Levandovskaya, who repeatedly performed at the conservatory, appreciated the hall's acoustics: "This kind of acoustics can not be found in Paris either." The cellist Rastropovich, the father of the famous musician, taught at the conservatory.

Saratov State Academic Drama Theater.

Merchant of the 1st Guild Franz Osipovich Shekhtel, in 1859 he built a wooden summer theater in his country garden with stalls and lodges.

Since 1960, on the site of the garden, there is a square in which the modern building of the Saratov Academic Drama Theater stands. In different years in the theater worked such famous artists as Boris Andreev, Yuri Kayurov, Vatslav Dvorzhetsky, Oleg Yankovsky, Alexander Mikhailov and many others ...

In November 2011, on the basis of the Saratov Academic Drama Theater, the first All-Russian Theater Festival commemorating Oleg Yankovsky was held.

Saratov Academic Theater for the Young Spectator

It is the oldest professional theater for children in the world, opened in Saratov in 1918. The theater is named after Yuri Petrovich Kiselyov, laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR and the USSR, People's Artist of the USSR, artistic director of the theater.

The attraction of the city is the famous bridge across the Volga. At the time of opening, the Saratov handsome is the largest road bridge in Europe (2803 meters). It was built in 1965 and was a phenomenon of its time not only in architecture, but also in the most advanced technologies! When the bridge was surrendered, the film "The Bridge Is Being Constructed" was staged with the participation of a stellar cast with Oleg Efremov, Oleg Dal, Oleg Tabakov, Mikhail Kazakov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Igor Kvash, Yevgeny Evstigneev.

In Saratov, almost the entire historic city center has been preserved, capturing various epochs, people, events. Houses of the richest merchants, industrialists, millers are presented to the guests and residents of our city in a historical original form.

Walking along the magnificent promenade you can admire the Volga expanses, as well as ride on the ship on the watery surface and capture in your memory the views of Saratov and Engels, swim under the famous bridge.

You can also visit many interesting places of the city. It is a fragrant tropical paradise called "limonarium", a new planetarium, a glass museum, a fire protection museum, a river fleet museum and an unforgettable Einstein museum.

You can make a trip to the holy spring "White Key", swim in the font and make a wish, visit Zorkino, a unique completely reconstructed German settlement of the settlement of the German settlement. This and much more awaits you in fascinating travels in the Saratov region.