Spa complex

Country rest in the spa center of the Volzhskiye Daly sanatorium.

Weekend or vacation outside the city is the best time to pay attention to health and beauty, to give yourself the opportunity to relax and plunge into the calming atmosphere, which gives a spa in the sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali". Discover a magical new world full of delicious sensations, pleasant aromas and enchanting sounds of wildlife. Here, in the peaceful atmosphere of the Volga forest, it is easy to change internally and externally, get rid of stress and chronic fatigue, and recharge with vital energy.


The spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali" is a real oasis of tranquility and tranquility surrounded by majestic oaks, where experienced specialists and the best masseurs of Saratov work. For each guest an individual restoring, anti-stress or tonic spa program is selected, which will also ensure deep cleansing and rejuvenation of the whole organism.

Many representatives of the stronger sex believe that visiting the spa is a woman's entertainment, and for men, spa treatments are a perfect superfluous and unnecessary pastime. In fact, to warm up tired muscles in a Turkish bath, cedar barrel or sauna, and then to feel how every cell of the body wakes up under the skilful hands of a massage therapist is an incomparable bliss for real men. Children and older people can be offered special, gentle relaxation programs.

The out-of-town sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" provides you with all opportunities for a diversified holiday: active sports games, biking and walking. Relax treatments at the spa center can be enjoyed during the day, and the evening is spent in the swimming pool or water park. Rest in the spa allows you not only to feel the surge of energy, but also to strengthen the muscles, improve the body relief, make the skin elastic and tight, will become a good prevention of diseases of the spine and joints.

Spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" has:

- Turkish bath (hammam) - this is a special eastern ritual, allowing you to forget about the turmoil and problems. Here you can get not only pleasure, but also a huge benefit for the body. Hamam helps to stabilize the weight - for one visit the bath can lose up to one and a half kilograms. The hammam cleanses the skin, stabilizes blood pressure. Salt deposition, rheumatism, muscle stretching, arthritis and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system - after two or three visits to the hammam, you can forget about them for a long time. Hammam helps the body resist infections, cure colds, strengthen immunity.


- Dry sauna - the air temperature in it is from + 70 to + 90 ° C, and humidity does not exceed 15%. Nevertheless, this sauna is like a Russian bath: the body is saturated with moisture with the help of hot steam and birch brooms. This procedure improves blood circulation and improves skin tone, relieves stress and strengthens the body.

-Cpa-capsule is a device that is equipped with special technologies for restoring physical strength and beneficial influence on all senses: steam, hydromassage, pleasant music. To fill the body with energy, vivacity and good mood, one session is enough.

- A non-contact whirlpool bath - ideal comfort and comfort for patients - allows you to hydromassage without immersion in water and without taking off your clothes. At the same time, all the therapeutic effects of underwater jet massage are preserved. This non-contact wellness helps relieve stress, health and relaxation. With this massage, the heat penetrates deeply into the muscles and stimulates blood circulation without unnecessary strain on the circulatory system; its soft effect activates the metabolism, helps relax the strained muscles, promotes activation of the lymphatic drain, improves microcirculation and overall health improvement, is an effective tool in the fight against cellulite and simulates the silhouette.

Phytosauna "cedar barrel" is a pleasant way to pamper all body systems and to rejuvenate for several years. Steam in combination with medicinal herbal oils has a beneficial effect on the skin and internal organs, helps to relax, detach from everyday vanity and feel harmony with yourself. The cockpit of phytosauna is a barrel with an open top made of Siberian cedar - a source of phytoncides, harmful to microbes. Steam, which is fed into the barrel, is saturated with herbal extracts and essential oils, and when heated from the cedar, resins are released, which are an excellent immunostimulating agent. Cedar barrel is a large inhaler that cleans not only the lungs, but also all other internal organs. The cedar barrel improves metabolism, activates microcirculation, removes toxins from the skin.

In addition, the spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali" has the most modern high-tech hardware methods for aesthetics of the face and body, which can boast of not every metropolitan and even European beauty center.


RF-lifting face and body - a unique technique, absolutely safe, painless and highly effective. High-frequency electromagnetic influence can activate the process of splitting of subcutaneous fat deposits, improve blood circulation for removing fat decay products, provide a lifting effect, restore elasticity and elasticity to the skin due to the formation of new elastin and collagen fibers. This result in the smoothing of wrinkles, scars from acne, correction of the face oval, rejuvenation and improvement of the quality of the skin.

Cosmetic wraps - cold or hot, with seaweed, healing mud or clay, extracts of medicinal plants, aromatic oils, honey or chocolate - cleanse the skin, improve metabolism in the subcutaneous tissue, helping to remove toxins and toxins, accelerate blood circulation and lymph drainage. In the spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" the type and composition of the wraps are selected individually, taking into account the wishes of the visitor and the doctor's recommendations.

Vacuum-roller massage - reduces the subcutaneous fat layer, tightens the flabby skin, eliminates swelling, simulates the contours of the body.

Pressotherapy - relieves chronic edema and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, reduces body volume and simulates a slender silhouette.

The pride of the spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Daly" is a rich massage menu.


Classic "Swedish" massage - treatment-and-prophylactic hand massage of the whole body surface or its separate parts - helps to relax or, on the contrary, tone the body, depending on the force applied and the duration of the exposure. It has practically no contraindications, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, as a result of which the stimulating and restorative effect on the body appears, the tension is removed, the general well-being improves, the working capacity is restored.

Lymphatic drainage massage - is carried out along the ways of lymph drainage, it is used independently and in combination with hardware techniques for eliminating edema and modeling a slender silhouette.

Visceral massage - a kind of manual therapy, which involves a step-by-step action on the abdominal cavity organs using the method of deep pressure. As a result, blood circulation, intestinal peristalsis normalizes and the overall functioning of internal organs, including kidneys, improves, a feeling of lightness appears in the body.

A cup massage - the basis of its action is a method based on the irritation of the skin receptors due to the vacuum created in the bank. This improves the circulation of blood and interstitial fluid, eliminates stagnation, increases metabolism and cellular respiration.

Articular massage with gymnastics - reduces soreness and tension in muscles, improves blood circulation promotes resorption of exudate in affected joints, helps restore normal amplitude of movements in the joints.

Gouache scraping massage improves drainage capacity of the skin, normalizes metabolic processes, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves metabolic processes, improves immunity and slows down the aging process.

Honey massage - helps to remove toxins from the skin; useful to people suffering from insomnia, osteochondrosis and radiculitis.


Cosmetic facial massage - helps maintain skin tone, brings comfort to physical and mental harmony and is simple - insanely pleasant, relaxing pleasure.

However, a pleasant and relaxing pleasure is any stay in the spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskie Dali" - in a beautiful place, on the high bank of the Volga, in an atmosphere of peace and bliss.

Spa center of the sanatorium "Volzhskie Daly" is waiting for everyone!